Meet the Teacher 

Driven by her passion for martial arts, Sensei Sandra brings to Kindy Karate a wealth of knowledge and experience from decades of karate training. She started doing karate at the age of 12 and has since been taught by extraordinary karate instructors, to whom she is very grateful.

Sensei Sandra is an accomplished karateka. Originally from Venezuela, she was appointed assistant to the Master Shoko Sato, Pan-American President of our karate style in the early 90’s. She was an unbeatable champion in her teens and in her early twenties became the sole representative of the Venezuelan National Team in the specialty of kata (from 1990 to 1994). Sandra is a multiple medallist at the Panamerican Olympic Cycle events and was selected National Athlete of the Year in 1992 -an award granted by the Venezuelan Sports Institute. In Australia, Sensei Sandra is the founder of OKUKAN SHITORYU DOJO and Kindy Karate.

Sensei Sandra is a giving instructor with an approachable personality. Her goal is to build a karate school that can one day be compared with the best karate schools of Japan.

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Sensei Sandra is such a great inspiration for the kids so we remain keen to have our child exposed to her teaching of karate. We also know our son will appreciate and enjoy karate as well as develop some good virtues.

Loving Parent

(Our daughter) was over the moon about passing her test yesterday.  She thinks the world of Sensei Sandra. 

Loving Parent