Martial Arts for Kids

Martial arts lessons for kids aged 3, 4 & 5 years old
What type of martial arts for kids do we teach?  We teach a government recognised form of karate to children. We teach karate to children aged 3-5 years old, in our Kindy Karate program. This has been specifically designed by Sensei Sandra for little ones, teaching them genuine Japanese drills. We also teach karate to 5-11 year olds in our Just for Kicks! program. Sensei Sandra teaches all of our martial arts classes.

Where do you teach martial arts for kids?  We teach karate for kids in Preston, Coburg & Collingwood. Kindy Karate lessons are taught every week on weekdays and on Saturdays.  Just for Kicks! lessons fall in line with school terms.

What type of karate do we teach kids?  We teach the karate style called Shitoryu. Our style of karate is one of the four main styles in Japan that provide leadership in competitive sport. This means that if your child learns karate with Sensei Sandra, they will be learning the correct movements and techniques to be able to compete nationally and internationally, should they desire.

Who is the martial arts teacher? Sensei Sandra teaches all of the karate lessons. She is a former national karate champion and athlete of the year, is an accredited coach and is a State Judge for the Australian Karate Federation (AKF). Sensei Sandra is a fantastic teacher and role model for the children. She has her current Working with Children’s Check and First Aid Certification. For an overview of her karate experience, click here.

Come and learn karate with us!

Your child will gain assertiveness, safety awareness, self confidence, strength, resilience, balance, coordination and spirit. Start now!