How do I tie my child's belt?
Do classes run every week or only in school terms?
Kindy Karate runs weekly (classes continue during school holidays) and enrolments are always open. Class sizes are kept small though, so places are limited.
What is the class duration?
Kindy Karate lessons go for 40 minutes.
Just for Kicks! (6-9 yr olds) & (10-15 yr olds) go for 50 minutes.
Is there free parking at each location?
Yes! We chose our locations very carefully. Each venue is located on the ground floor and close to toilets for your little one/s, with free dedicated onsite parking for your convenience.
Tuition / Pricing
Kindy Karate & Just for Kicks! tuition is paid monthly (ie. four-weekly in advance). There is no contract or cancellation fee. Please contact us for more information about our pricing. Alternatively, pricing information will be available at your child’s trial lesson.
Can my child do a free trial lesson?
Yes, they are most welcome! Have you already seen our class timetable? Then go to our homepage and click on the ‘Book a FREE trial’ button. We will be in touch shortly.
How do we prepare for the trial lesson?
Bring a water bottle and have your child wear clothing suitable for stretching. They will take their shoes off when they get there. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early!
How do I enrol my child in a class?
Just fill out our online enrolment form. The enrolment form can be found on our ‘How to Enrol’ page or in the top right hand corner of any page on the website.
How do I choose the uniform size for my child?
When you fill out the online enrolment form, you’ll be asked to choose a uniform size for your child. Karate uniforms are based on height, as recommended by the uniform’s manufacturer.

Here is what will appear on the enrolment form:

  • #00000 – 90cm tall
  • #0000   – 100cm tall
  • #000     – 110cm tall
  • #00       – 120cm tall
  • #0         – 130cm tall
  • #1         – 140cm tall
  • #2         – 150cm tall
  • #3         – 160cm tall

When you submit the form we will organise your child’s embroidered uniform and have it ready for their next lesson.

Note: The above uniform sizes are appropriate for children of average weight. If your child’s weight is above average, you could choose based on their height and then consider buying one size up.

My child missed a class. What happens now?
If your child misses a class we may offer a makeup class for them. We limit our class sizes to maintain quality standards, so contact Meg by sms or email to see if there is an option available for a makeup class. A makeup class can only be done within a week or two of their missed class, and cannot be tallied.
My child will be going away for one or two weeks. Do I have to pay for those classes?
Tuition enables your child’s place in the class to be reserved and cannot be ‘adjusted’ or ‘deferred’ if a class is not attended. The minimum commitment we require for training/tuition is once-per week.
How do I change the frequency of my child's lessons?
We recommend Kindy Karate students train once a week.

When students enter primary school we encourage more frequent training. Just email, call or SMS Meg to change your training frequency. Changes can take effect immediately or from a particular date.

My child is starting school next year. Do you have classes for older kids?
Absolutely! Sensei Sandra teaches:

Just for Kicks! (6-9 year olds)
Just for Kicks! (10-15 year olds)

Lessons are delivered in Coburg and Collingwood. Kindy Karate students receive articulation into a full colour belt and Sensei Sandra will recommend the most suitable class/es for your child to attend. We will always offer classes suitable for your child at their point in learning.

Karate for 6-9 year olds
Sensei Sandra teaches Just for Kicks! for 6-9 year olds in Coburg & Collingwood. See our timetable for class times.


Karate for 10-15 year olds
Sensei Sandra teaches Just for Kicks! for 10-15 year olds in Coburg. See our timetable for class times.


What are your payment methods?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as visa debit card and debit mastercard.  visa, mastercard and american express logos
Can I stop tuition?

You are welcome to stop tuition after the four-weekly tuition is up, and restart again at a later date. There is no contract or cancellation fee.

To stop tuition, contact us via email, sms or phone at least 24 hours prior to tuition renewing. We would ask that you provide us with 48 hours to 1 week’s notice if possible, as a courtesy.

Will my credit card details be safe?
Yes. Our website is secure and you can make a secure payment from our site. You know our website is secure because our URL begins with ‘https://’ and not ‘http://’. The ‘s’ refers to the fact that the site has active Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, creating a secure and encrypted connection on the internet. You will also see a padlock symbol either in the address bar or in a corner of your browser window, depending on which browser or browser version you are using. If you don’t see these two things on a website, it means it is not secure and you should not make a purchase from it. In addition to this, we use Stripe as our payment platform. Stripe uses technology called Stripe.js, which means that your credit or debit card information is never sent to our server. Instead, data is sent directly to Stripe, who maintains the highest and most stringent level of internet security: they are certified PCI Service Provider Level 1.
Is Stripe as safe as PayPal?
Stripe is safer than PayPal. While both Stripe and PayPal take security seriously, and they’re both very stable and secure platforms, Stripe has a feature which intrinsically encourages good security, called Stripe.js. When we use Stripe.js on our website, the credit card data entered the enrolment form is never sent to our sever. Instead, data is sent directly to Stripe. This is very important, as it means you know we don’t actually handle your sensitive credit/debit card data on our servers -you want the professionals to be handling that. Your credit/debit card data is stored in Stripe’s vault, meaning we never see or touch the sensitive data. This encourages good security. PayPal now has a way to store card details in a vault, but the sensitive data would have to go through our servers, putting a great security burden on our website. Stripe takes this risk away. PayPal has taken steps to respond to upstarts like Stripe, and significantly improved their API, but they still can’t compete in terms of security (and customer service). We love Stripe!
Who drew the kids on your website?
Sensei Sandra took out her pen and paper and lovingly drew the Kindy Karate kids you see on our website. 🙂