Welcome to Kindy Karate Melbourne!

Kindy Karate is a high quality martial arts training program for 4 year olds and up, developed and delivered by Head and Founder, Sensei Sandra.

Children learn genuine Japanese karate in structured classes, helping essential Shitoryu karate movements become second nature, all the way to black belt. Sensei Sandra delivers classes every week.  Our class environment is quiet, although kids shout loudly when instructed! Oss!

If your child is a good listener, can follow instruction and is able to focus, they will be ready to start karate classes with Sensei Sandra. There is no parental involvement in our classes, little ones do the class on their own with Sensei.

Sensei Sandra teaches all karate classes.

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Why our karate school?

  • Our martial arts school is affiliated to the Australian and International peak karate bodies
  • Our martial arts school is government recognised
  • Our style of karate is Shitoryu, one of the four main styles in Japan that provides leadership in competitive sport
  • All our karate classes are delivered by Head and Founder Sensei Sandra
  • High quality karate instruction in a safe environment


  • Our students are disciplined, confident, strong spirited, kind, courageous, fit and healthy
  • For students who show particular talent and dedication, Sensei offers a path to competition karate
  • Our class numbers are restricted (sorry to those who are waiting!) and managed carefully for quality of learning
  • Kids receive karate classes tailored specifically for their age and level

Our Location:

Kindy Karate classes are delivered in our full-time, private venue, located at 9 Hunt Street, Coburg. This allows us to control the environment, ensuring safety, cleanliness, and uninterrupted class time. Sensei Sandra provides the inspiration!

9 Hunt Street, Coburg (booking essential)
Private onsite carparking

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“Kindy Karate has been the best activity my daughter has done; she absolutely loves it. She looks forward to each and every week and enjoys practicing at home.”

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