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Welcome to Kindy Karate

Kindy Karate is an elite martial arts program for 4, 5 & 6 year olds in Melbourne!

Designed and delivered by Sensei Sandra, kids receive expert instruction in the Japanese martial art of karate, in our full-time, private karate school, 7km north of Melbourne CBD. Join us!

martial arts for kids in Melbourne

Karate for Kids in melbourne

Karate for Kids in Melbourne

We are Melbourne’s dedicated karate school for children, aged 4 years old and up.

Our highly structured karate classes are expertly delivered, building athleticism, confidence, strength, and a love of physical fitness โ€ฆall while learning proper karate!

Kindy Karate kids learn an authentic, regulated style of karate, in line with updates from the World Karate Federation and SHITORYU SHITOKAI hombu dojo in Tokyo, Japan. Learn more about Kindy Karate’s parent dojo, OKUKAN.

Learn more about our complete beginner karate classes for school kids AKA Just for Kicks! (7yrs+) and our special Kindy Karate program for youngsters.

Boutique program. Limited places.

Why our Karate School in Melbourne. Why Us?

Looking for karate schools near you in Melbourne? Our Coburg karate school Coburg offers karate excellence for kids in Melbourne. Kindy Karate is OKUKAN dojo’s flagship karate program for children.

Kids karate classes are age and level appropriate, restricted in size, and delivered by Sensei Sandra, ensuring top notch instruction

We offer a path to competition karate for selected students (from 6 years and up!)

Kids classes are delivered in our private, full-time sports facility, fully equipped and safe

Our style of karate is one of the four main styles in Japan, providing leadership in competitive sport (shitoryu)

Our karate school is government recognised and affiliated to the Australian Karate Federation and International peak karate bodies

Participation in our private annual Kindy Karate performance, or tournament for school-aged children, in a state-of-the-art sporting facility

Karate Schools Near meLBOURNE:
our full-time Coburg KARATE SCHOOL
9 Hunt Street, Coburg
(free onsite parking, serviced by bike, train and tram)
karate schools near me

Childrens karate in melbourne

Childrens Karate in Melbourne

Are you looking for childrens karate in Melbourne? Well keep reading!

Our safe, private and dedicate karate school is located in Melbourne’s inner north, in central Coburg (next to Pascoe Vale, Brunswick and Preston).

Looking for martial arts for kids near Melbourne but are not sure which martial art to choose, or what karate school might be best for your child? Join us! Our young students receive the highest quality instruction, direct from Sensei Sandra. Read more about Sensei Sandra to get a feel for our classes, as martial arts instruction is really all about the teacher.

Karate is not an aggressive sport, but a healthy and disciplined way of understanding and channeling the bodyโ€™s energy. In a short period of time, children who engage in a martial art that teaches discipline will understand the importance of self-control and respect toward fellow karate practitioners, other children and people in general.

How do I know if my child is ready to start karate classes?

If you child separates well, can follow instruction and is a good listener, they are ready to give martial arts a try!

Karate schools near meLBOURNE

Our martial arts classes are age-appropriate karate classes for kids

My daughter started Kindy Karate just at a young age of 3 years old! Zoe-Mai has thoroughly enjoyed her time and it has given her so many life skills that she uses in her everyday life. Focus, determination, physical skills and flexibility are only the merely few. Sensei Sandra has been an exceptional teacher- one with passion, patience, and humour. She demands respect in a positive way where all children listen and follow instruction. The school itself has been very friendly and easy to work with- thanks to Meg who is always efficient in responding to any queries you may have.
Could not recommend Kindy Karate enough!!! It has been truely amazing.

โ€“ Kindy Karate parent

Kindy Karate

Kindy Karate is a high quality martial arts training program for children (4 years and up!). Designed and delivered by Sensei Sandra, kids receive expert instruction in the Japanese martial art of karate, in our full-time private training facility, 7km north of Melbourne.

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9 Hunt St, Coburg VIC 3058


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Monday to Friday 8:30am to 8:30pm

Saturday 7:00am to 5:00pm

Closed: Sundays and public holidays