Karate for Kids

Welcome to Kindy Karate Melbourne!

What is Kindy Karate?  Kindy Karate is a martial arts training program specifically designed for children aged 4, 5 & 6 years old. Sensei Sandra delivers all classes and is is the founder and leading instructor of OKUKAN karate school.

What are some of the benefits of Kindy Karate?  Children are taught genuine Japanese karate in structured classes, helping essential karate movements become second nature. By the end of the martial arts program, kids will have developed skills that will enable them to effectively engage in learning complex martial art drills. See Our Program page for more information.

What is so special about our martial arts lesson for kids?  Our karate classes for 4-6 year olds are unique, in that the children are taught a genuine martial art by the head and founding Sensei of the school, allowing for them to receive quality learning from the very beginning. Kindy Karate lessons are taught every week (excluding public holidays and our end-of-year break). Please be aware that there are limited places available.

What is after Kindy Karate?  When your child outgrows Kindy Karate, they can go straight into our Just for Kicks! karate program for 6-9 year old children. Sensei Sandra teaches comprehensive karate programs for all ages, right through to grownups.

Who is Sensei Sandra? Sensei Sandra has years of teaching experience both within dojos and within Australian higher educational institutions. For a quick overview of Sensei’s karate experience, click here.

Why our karate school?

  • Our martial arts school is government recognised
  • Our martial arts school is affiliated to the Australian and International peak karate bodies
  • Our style of karate is Shitoryu, one of the four main styles in Japan that provide leadership in competitive sport
  • Every lesson is caringly prepared and delivered by Sensei Sandra

Since starting Kindy Karate, my daughter’s balance and co-ordination has improved out of sight as well as her confidence. Sensei Sandra really motivates the kids to do their best and instils them with a respect for the Karate tradition, the teacher and each other. I cannot recommend Kindy Karate highly enough!

Loving Parent

okukan karate logo
okukan karate logo

Our locations:

Each karate lesson is delivered in a carefully chosen venue, away from the usual environment of a martial arts or karate dojo, which may not necessarily be ideal for preschool kids. We have chosen very safe, clean and convenient spaces for young kindy kids to learn karate in. These venues are friendly and make young children’s introduction to the world of martial arts very easy and enjoyable.

Karate Collingwood

Collingwood Leisure Centre

Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre in Preston

Venue: Collingwood Leisure Centre
Address: 2-28 Turnbull St, Clifton Hill
Parking: Free parking onsite
Train: 2 min walk from Clifton Hill Station

What karate lessons are taught here?
Kindy Karate (4, 5, 6 year olds)
Just for Kicks! (6-12 year olds)

Karate Coburg

Coburg Uniting Hall

Coburg Leisure Centre    

Venue: Coburg Uniting Hall
Address: 19 Victoria St, Coburg
Parking: Free 3 hr parking opposite
Train: 1 min walk from Coburg Station

What karate lessons are taught here?
Kindy Karate (4, 5 & 6 year olds)
Just for Kicks! (6-9 year olds)
Just for Kicks! (9-15 year olds)

Karate Coburg

Coburg Leisure Centre

Coburg Leisure Centre

Venue: Coburg Leisure Centre
Address: Russell St, Coburg (off Bell street)
Parking: Free 3 hr parking onsite
Train: 5 min walk from Coburg Station

What karate lessons are taught here?
Kindy Karate (4, 5 & 6 year olds)
•All lessons are taught by Sensei Sandra•

Kindy Karate has been the best activity my daughter has done; she absolutely loves it. She looks forward to each and every week and enjoys practicing at home.

Loving Parent